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  • CREO aluminium door with double-sided flush panel.
    The whole face of the door leaf (inside and outside) is covered with top-quality aluminium sheets. The surface of the leaf is aligned with the surface of the frame, a flush, consistent, elegant surface on both sides.

    Due to the special infill of the door leaf and high-quality aluminium profiles, the heat-transfer coefficient of CREO door Ud is min. 0.8 [W/m2K] (for the door size of 1400 x 2500 [mm] with a solid panel).

  • The sense of security is a state of certainty, stability and independence. This is the reason why safety is of such great importance to us and why we strive to provide you and your family with peace and comfort. Therefore, we use only top-quality proven materials and modern technologies in our production process.

    CREO doors have undergone anti-burglary tests in RC2 and RC3 Class at IFT Rosenheim – one of the most well known research laboratories in Europe.
    You can be sure that choosing CREO doors will provide the best anti-burglary shield
    for your house.


    Efficient insulation in the first place means thermal comfort, which is appropriate temperature indoors, regardless the season, as well as acoustic comfort which provides noise reduction.

    Choosing CREO doors provides you with maximum effectiveness of the insulation. The great parameters can be achieved due to a built of door based on thermally insulated profiles, special leaf infill (warm foam) and sealing mats, and a system of gaskets that eliminates heat losses in the key areas of the door leaf. This is why CREO doors provide great protection of the entrance to the house from external factors such as cold, wind or noise.



    • System: MB 86 SI+
      Installation depth: 77 mm
      Panel type: double-sided solid flush panel 77 mm thick
      Type of glass panes in the panel: double-sided safety three-chamber glass unit, 77 mm thick, U=0,6 W/m2K, with an insulated frame in standard.
      Thermal insulation: Ud min. 0,8 W/m2K for door size of 1400 x 2500 mm
      Maximum dimensions: up to 1400 x 2500 mm

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