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The GS insPIRe®  CH cooling panel is designed for walls and ceilings in rooms with reduced temperature, i.e. in cold rooms (t> 0 °) and freezers (t <0 °) and other facilities with controlled temperature and humidity. The panels can be used to erect free-standing buildings and make cold rooms or freezers inside existing buildings. The panels can be mounted both vertically and horizontally as single and multi-span elements.

GS insPIRe® CH

    • The profiling of the metal cladding makes the walls look aesthetically pleasing
    • Sealing compound applied at the construction site
    • A large radius of profiling of the lock ensuring the integrity of the protective coatings
    • Contoured edges facilitate assembly and increase thermal insulation
    • Double lock connecting the panels guaranteeing high fire tightness properties
    • Labyrinth core contact eliminating thermal bridge
    • Core made of rigid PIR foam with very good thermal insulation and fire properties
  • Thickness [mm]  100 - 120 - 160 - 200

    Mass* [kg/m2]    12,6   13,4   15,0  16,6

    Modular width [mm] 1000 / 1140

    Ratio Ud,S [W/m2K] for PIR

                                     0,22  0,18   0,14   0,11

    B-s1, d0

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