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New generation of WIŚNIOWSKI sectional garage doors represents unprecedented quality based on anumber of unique technical solutions. To create abreak-through product, we had to get back to the key element of the sectional door, being a PANEL. 

Imagine a new-generation garage door. A door which is not a conversion of solutions to date, but a creative effect of a quest for the balance of state-of-the-art technology, quality, safety and design..

This is what the PRIME door is: innovative, perfected in every detail, and meeting your demands even before you can define them. It is a fully equipped and automatic door that will make you confident of the best choice there is everyday you reach for the remote.

PRIME - new generation of sectional doors

  • INNOVO panel 60mm

    Panel cross-section with the panel joint cover installed on the inner side of the door curtain.

    • Flexible panel joint cover
    • Aluminium profile for fastening flexible covers
    • Five steel layers at the hinge fastening
    • Panel joint seal
    • Concealed hinge
    • PU foam


    PRIME is a design focused on elegant and timeless simplicity to break the purely functional convention that has been predominant in garage doors. We have designed PRIME with attention to every single detail, because perfection depends on details.


    PRIME is universal aesthetics with a sense of comfort, high value and modern luxury. That is how PRIME defines the new design philosophy in its class.

    The PRIME design has the key features which can be defined as minimalist on its own - clean lines and a synthesis of form, both of which reflect the aesthetic attitude of modern architecture.

    The PRIME form seemingly becomes a background. With a perfect internal design, the sectional door surprises with state-of-the-art engineering solutions and the wide gamut of finishes which conceal the moving parts. Each detail has been flawlessly perfected to confirm the conceptual continuity of the design time and become the absolute essence of design.

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