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ROTARY SCREENING BUCKET is installed on an excavator or a loader to sort natural materials before and after crushing. The rotary screening bucket is mainly used for the screening of sand, gravel and soil materials (such as dust). It is suitable for mountain sand and river sand. It is suitable for washing operations, gravel screening, and sand fields, mixing plants, construction sites, etc. with high mud content.

Rolling screening, the screen holes are not easy to be blocked, and it is suitable for various working environments. Split screen design, simple structure and convenient replacement.

  • Screening drum can be rotated forward or reversed, and the screening efficiency is higher.

Screen is made of imported wear-resistant materials, and the size of the screen hole can be selected (generally) 30-80mm for conventional mesh), and the screen screen suitable for special working conditions can also be customized according to the construction requirements.

ROTARY SCREENING BUCKETis discharged through the discharge opening at the end of the drum. Due to the turning and rolling of the material in the drum, the material stuck in the screen hole can be ejected to prevent the screen hole from being clogged. It is more flexible to install on the excavator and more convenient tomove, which provides better support for the project.