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WM5 c•L she, buckut can push out the concrete or rock stuck in it through reverse rotation, and can also make the hydraulic motor rotate forward to continue crushing, which greatly improves the work efficiency. The upper and lower jaw plates can be exchanged for use, and the front and rear of a single jaw plate can also be replaced, greatly extending the service life. It adopts the independent and independent design of the hydraulic motor direct drive mode, which is easier to maintain.

With the excavator as the power source, construction can be carried out anytime and anywhere, which is convenient and efficient. Hydraulic motor and valve of the joint venture brand, the main parts of the bucket body use imported wear-resistant plates and domestic

high-strength plates.

    • Jaw plate is high-strength and wear-resistant,

and both ends of the jaw plate can be used. Joint venture brand high-precision bearings and oil seals.


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