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Fortelia represents a real innovation in the field of prefabricated construction solutions: versatility, resistance and flexibility incredibly greater than most comparable products found on the market. Fortelia offers vast solutions for various types of applications, characterised by a wide variety of configurations.
A valid and contemporary architectural choice, Fortelia offers sturdiness, high performance in terms of thermal insulation and resistance to loads, which can be obtained with thinner panels. In addition, as a result of the geometrical cross-section, it can fulfil the dimensional requirements for facing large structural gaps.

FORTELIA PIR Industrial Sloping Roof


    Designing a roof is a crucial moment in the development of a new building. FORTELIA offers products and solutions developed to obtain the maximum performance with regard to the world of prefabrication and off-site construction.


    A flat roof is a construction solution that has a great architectural and functional impact. Making use of the outdoor space above the roof has become very important in recent years, both with regard to the individual building, but above all with regard to the urban context into which it fits. FORTELIA offers innovative solutions for the world of flat roofs, making the most of the performance characteristics of the geometric cross-section. The high resistance to loads and the quick installation are cornerstones for creating high-performance roofs.


    The architectural expression is expressed greatest in the façades of buildings, and the geometric modularity, material composition and performance are the main identifying features. The solutions of the FORTELIA range are characterised by the research into flexibility of use and freedom of design. The conformation of FORTELIA products enables configuration of a product that can meet any performance and aesthetic requirements.


    The use of FORTELIA products in the world of walls and façades is oriented towards ready-to-use products that a suitable for any structural and modular texture. The geometrical shape of Fortelia enables construction of monolithic elements resistant to stress. The ribbed profile can be used as a design element that can emphasise the concepts of horizontal or vertical modularity depending on the direction of installation. Thanks to the development of special components, developed to make full use of the potential of Fortelia products, it is possible to integrate ventilated façade systems. This way, it is possible to extend the colour and material spectrum for the design of the building envelope even further, with many aesthetic and functional advantages: - Design flexibility - Thermal and acoustic performance - Quick assembly - Design without limitations