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Aluminium window system with solid construction, meeting thermal and acoustic insulation standards. The Master Line AS-75 windows are characterised by a minimalist design in line with the latest trends, a low balcony threshold in the R and RU versions with continuous perimeter sealing and aluminium drainage caps, which reflect the attention paid to each element of product finishing.

Windows Master Line AS-75 they may be available in the INDUSTRIAL variant, characterised by a special industrial design, complemented by system muntins in the flat or spatial version. The system also allows for the creation of all-glass corners and corner windows with stepped glass.

Master Line AS-75

SKU: 006
  • Specification:

    • Thermal insulation Uw - from 0.67 W/m2K
    • Burglar resistance - RC2, RC3
    • Air permeability - class 4
    • Water tightness - E1950
    • Wind load resistance - class C5
    • Sound insulation - 47(-2;-6) dB
    • Max sash height - 3000 mm
    • Max width of the sash - 1600 mm
    • Max weight of the sash - 200 kg
    • Installation depth - 75 mm
    • Glazing range - 16-66 mm
    • Min. visible frame width - 46 mm
    • Min. visible sash width - 33 mm