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GRAN is a design that has become very popular due to its compact form and ergonomics. With its modular construction technology it is a cost-effective solution that can easily be tailored to your own needs and requirements.

This design features a well-lit interior on both floors, owing it to the use of large glazing. On the one hand, this gives the whole body a modern look, and on the other it introduces a lot of natural light into the interior, giving the impression of spaciousness. In addition the building features a spacious terrace next to the it, which is an ideal place to relax.

GRAN is a great solution for those who appreciate functionality, simplicity and minimalism in architecture. Its harmonious and practical form as well as exceptional functionality are sure to attract attention, and its compact dimensions make it ideal as a holiday home.

It's also a design that fits perfectly into the trend of modular construction to quickly and economically fulfil the dream of having a place called home. And with its advanced modular construction technology, GRAN is cost-effective and easily adaptable to the buyer's diverse needs and requirements.

Modular House GRAN

    •  Built-up surface area: 34,68m2

    •  Building width: 3,62m

    •  Building length: 9,59m

    •  Building height: 5,40m

    •  Number of floors: 1

    •  Number of beds: 4-6