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PolTherma CS is a specialized wall panel with polyurethane core. It is dedicated to cold storage applications. Fixing is visible (screw comes throughout the panel). Additionally to cold storage dedication, the CS Series is suitable to all of the applications where thermal properties of wall is most important.

The PolTherma CS is recommended also to agriculture buildings specialized as storage of fruits and vegetables.

Better resistance to thermal deformation for the new profiling:

  • MicroCoffer MK 550 – PolTherma CS MK550

Also available in standard profiling:

  • Linear – PolTherma CS L
  • Micro – PolTherma CS M
  • Grooved – PolTherma CS R

Recommendations: application of the butyl sealant on the panel joint (over the entire length of panel) is obligatory on ceilings. For walls it is an option.

PolTherma CS – cold storage panel PU

  • Sandwich panel PolTherma CS - applications

    • External and internal walls/ceilings in buildings of different types
    • Cold storages
    • Butcherys
    • Slaughterhouses
    • Fruits and vegetables storages
    • Food processing buildings
    • Agricultural buildings
    • Technical data PolTherma CS

      Available panel thickness [mm] Thermal conductivity value
      λD [W/(m∙K)]
      Thermal transmittance coefficient Ud, S 
      for profiling: M, R, L [W/(m²∙K)]
      Thermal transmittance coefficient Ud, S 
      for S profiling: SW, MSW, MK [W/(m²∙K)]
      Weight 1 m² [kg] Maximum number of panels in a bundle [pcs.]
      120 0,022 0,18 0,20 13,4 9
      160 0,14 0,15 14,9 7
      200 0,11 0,12 16,5 5 — 6