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Renovation solutions

Renovation is all about adapting the functionality of the current building to the needs of its users. The aim of the refurbishment is usually to improve the aesthetic quality of the building.
Our renovation solutions let you install sectional garage doors in the garage opening regardless of the building conditions, even if the building has no lintel or side clearance. Enhance the functionality and the look of your garage with our renovation solutions.

UniPro RenoSystem

The UniPro RenoSystem is our response to the needs of buildings intended for renovation.

The structure is made of door frames adapted for installation in openings without the lintel or side clearance or with uneven wall surface. This structure comprises a fascia panel system in the same colour as the door leaf, which ensures great appearance without the need for further finishing works.

The RenoSystem solves a multitude of potential issues that could occur during the replacement of the garage door. The structure is mounted directly to the existing surfaces with a system of angle bars which, paired with fascia panels, take over the functionality of the missing wall elements.



    It is a modern and functional solution enabling the installation of sectional garage doors regardless of the building conditions in your garage. It acts as a framework and replaces the missing elements of the lintel or the side area where the structural elements of the garage door are mounted.
    The structure is made of corrosion resistant galvanized steel and because fascia panels can be used in the door opening, the garage entrance maintains great appearance.


    The garage door opening can be damaged in the process of replacing the garage door.

    Fascia panels matching the door leaf colour can be used to cover up the damage or some less appealing building structure features.


    This solution makes it possible to match the front of the building with the design of the garage door curtain.

    A perfect solution for owners of multi-car garages who appreciate a uniform style of buildings with a garage integrated with the building structure.